No-Contact Takeout Menu





Fried Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower | Served with bacon lardons, Dijon crème fraiche and apple cider reduction  14

Cheese Plate | A trio of artisan cheeses served with chutney, smoked and candied nuts, house pickles, honey mustard and toast points  15

Ravioli | House-made ravioli filled with roasted onions, mushrooms and mascarpone with sweet pea and basil cashew cream and parmesan cheese  15

Mussels and Fries | Penn Cove Mussels served in classic dijon, white wine and butter sauce.  Served with house-cut fries and malt vinegar aioli (Consider adding bacon, $3)  16

Scallops and Prosciutto | Pan seared Alaskan scallops with house-cured prosciutto, red pepper crema, mustard creme fraiche, pickled vegetables and balsamic reduction  15

Local Lamb and Beef Kebab | Grilled North African spiced Tucker Farms lamb and Oxbow beef with herbed yogurt, red pepper and olive tapenade, local greens, pickled vegetables and grilled pita  16


Caesar | Scott’s truly perfected rendition of the classic (Anchovies available on request)*  10

Rice Noodle Salad | Grilled wild white prawns, crisp romaine, pickled carrots and onions, sugar snap peas, cilantro, toasted almonds and fried wontons served on rice noodles with tamari, peanut and sesame vinaigrette *  15

Mixed Greens | Toasted almonds, roasted beets, basil-mustard vinaigrette  9

Spinach Salad | Pears, apples, carrots, candied walnuts, blue cheese and sesame-orange vinaigrette  10

Warm Lentil Salad | Goat Cheese, cuumbers, radishes, snap pea and lentils served over organic spinah with roasted red pepper vinaigrette*  (consider adding grilled tempeh, $3)  11


Chicken Souvlaki | Brined and grilled organic chicken breast served over hummus with Greek salad, herbed rice, tzatziki, local feta cheese and romaine lettuce  27

Oxbow Beef | Rotating local grass fed featured cut served with blistered tomato chimichurri aioli, fried Yukon potato wedges and grilled seasonal vegetables  33

Cioppino | A stew of wild prawns, mussels, clams and seasonal fish simmered in a tomato, onion, garlic, white wine and herb broth.  Served over seasoned rice and finished with lemon and paprika aioli  29

Local Pork Chop | Brined and grilled, served over shoestring sweet potato fries with ginger teriyaki and pineapple chutney.  With grilled vegtables and cilantro aioli  28

Pasta Abruzzi |  Braised Oxbow beef and Flathead pork in rich tomato, red wine and garlic ragu over cavatappi pasta. Topped with house-made Italian sausage, shaved parmesan cheese, pesto and red chili flakes  26

Polenta | Pan seared polenta served over roasted pepper-cashew crema with seared kale, grilled seasonal vegetables, blistered cherry tomatoes and mushroom and red pepper confit. Topped with olive tapenade, marinated local feta, Reggiano cheese and dressed greens (vegan upon request)  27

Vegetable Risotto |  Slow cooked Arborio rice with blistered cherry tomatoes, mushroom and red pepper confit, grilled vegetables, pickled beets and sweet pea cashew crema.  With Parmigiano Reggiano and fresh arugula (vegan upon request)  28

Shrimp and Grits | Wild caught white prawns served over jalapeno cheddar grits with Etoufee and southern style collard grees with pan seared lardons  29

Local Beef Burger | 7oz Ox Bow grass-fed beef burger served on Bernice’s farmhouse bun with house-made fries and traditional accompaniments.* (Add aged cheddar, Danish blue, Havarti cheese, Swiss, farm-fresh egg or bacon, $1) Vegetarian burger available( spinach, kale quinoa, yam, beet, brown rice, sunflower seeds and cashews)  16



The Chocolate Torte | Decadent flourless chocolate cake served with raspberry sauce and creme anglaise (GF)  7

Creme Brulee | Cardamom, cinnamon, brandy infused creme.  Served with vanilla bean short bread (GF)  7

J.D. Olive Oil Cake | Served warm with Flathead cherry coulis 8

Fruit and Berry Crisp | Peaches, apples, blueberries and raspberries topped with almond, brown sugar and gluten free oat struesal.  Just like Grandma used to make.  Topped with whipped cream 7 (consider adding Big Dipper Vanilla, $2)

Sweet Treats | Assortment of sweet treats to share.  Your server will inform you of today’s selection  7








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